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Mercedes-Benz ready up C-Class Coupe 2015 announcement

Given the recent release of the face lifted C-Class model, it is only logical that Mercedes-Benz follow suit with a similar upgrade to the Coupe model. A quick visit to the Mercedes-Benz website reveals just how out-dated the current coupe model appears when compared to the saloon.

There has already been a flurry of speculation and leaked images making the rounds on the internet, however no official word from the German automobile giant as of yet. Reports are also currently suggesting that pre-orders will start sometime in September 2015, so an announcement within this timeframe is likely.

It is also worth noting that other variations of the C-Class are also rumoured to be joining the line-up, including a cabriolet version. With the already released S-Class coupe, it will be interesting to see if Mercedes-Benz borrows certain styling cues to stay in touch with its newly proposed design conventions.

The current C-Class is also a popular choice amongst our clients, and through years of servicing and repair work, we have certainly grown to appreciate the no-compromise approach Mercedes-Benz has taken in terms of styling and performance throughout the years, and are looking forward to the three-pointed star’s next offering.

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