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Mercedes Car Battery Birmingham

Genuine Mercedes car battery or an approved Mercedes car battery utilise quality materials and the most up to date technology. What this means for a Mercedes vehicle owner is reliability, efficiency and value for money.

Genuine or Approved Mercedes car batteries have been know to run for 30% longer than a non approved Mercedes battery. However it is enevitable that over the years your car battery whether a Mercedes batter or not will deplete.

At Haden Mercedes Birmingham we understand that all car batteries will have a certain shelf life and due to the nature of Mercedes vehicles it is imperative that your vehicles battery is kept at an optimal level at all time. For example, you may not know that your battery will continue to supply electricity to many of your Mercedes security and electrical features even when your Mercedes vehicle is turned off.

What Haden Mercedes Birmingham can do for you.

Mercedes Battery Testing Service

When it comes to Mercedes car batteries you will find there are two types of batteries the first which is the commonly known as the ‘black cased’ battery which are VRLA (Value Regulated Lead Acid). This type of Mercedes car battery requires little or no maintenance. The second type of battery which is known as a ‘white cased’ battery, this type of Mercedes battery requires frequent servicing.

At Haden Mercedes Birmingham we carry out battery checks for our client this involves checking load testing the batteries to ensure they are working at full capacity, we do this through using specialist equipment which gives us an indication of battery conductivity and the theoretical output of the battery. We also conduct a battery load tests which give a clear indication if your Mercedes battery requires replacement.

For more information on how we can help you identify if your Mercedes battery requires replacement call Haden Mercedes Birmingham today to book your car in for our  battery testing service.

Mercedes Battery Replacement Service

Replacing your Mercedes battery is something which all Mercedes owners will have to do if you have your Mercedes vehicle long enough. A quality Mercedes Battery or a Mercedes approved battery should last you in the region of 5 years plus, this figure however is not an exact science as there are a multitude of factors which can lead to your Mercedes battery replacement taking place sooner than this time frame. The most common of these reasons are either the vehicle being off the road for extended periods of time or the vehicle having only done short run journeys.

No matter the circumstances around you requiring a Mercedes replacement battery, Haden Mercedes Birmingham can help you get up and running with little as fuss as possible. What many people don’t realise is that by replacing a battery Mercedes system settings and manufacturer codes can be lost, for example Radio codes. Our professionals can help guard against such problems and can replace your battery ensuring no codes will be lost and installation of your Mercedes replacement battery will be a clean transition.

Mercedes Car Battery Prices

At Haden Mercedes Birmingham we understand that paying manufacturer prices sometimes is simply not an option. We ensure our customers receive the cheapest Mercedes car battery prices, regularly beating main dealer prices by up to 50%.

So to find the cheapest Mercedes car battery prices call our Haden Mercedes team for more information on 0121 440 4411.

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