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Mercedes Steering Common issues Birmingham

What is the steering system?

The steering system on every vehicle enables the driver to follow the desired course and consists of many components. The components may have slightly different names but generally include: steering boxes, steering pumps, steering racks and mounts, track rods and ends, steering dampers, control arms, ball joints and steering fluid.



Common Symptoms

  • Steering pulls to one side
  • Wheel alignment
  • Faulty brake caliper
  • Bad Wheel Bearing
  • Worn suspension
  • Worn steering linkage


How important is this?

A vehicle cannot be considered safe to operate where it is pulling to one side and this may be as a result of a tyre, wheel alignment, brake issue, suspension or steering issue, or a worn or damaged wheel bearing.

The complexities of the systems involved and the skills required to carry out the necessary tests and inspections call for a trained technician.


How Haden Birmingham can help

Depending on the type of problem you have with your vehicle’s steering, one of our technicians can carry out a wheel alignment inspection or a series of other checks to assess where exactly the problem lies.

Following the inspection, our technician will provide a report describing the cause of the issue, along with costs of adjustment, any parts and labour hours required.

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Why Choose Us?

A visit to Haden Birmingham will be accompanied by the following benefits:

  • Manufacturer approved parts
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  • Save up to 50%
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