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Mercedes Timing Chains Replacement Birmingham

The timing chain ensures key components of the engine rotate, relative to each other, in a way to produce power smoothly and efficiently.


Similar to a bicycle chain and made of metal itself, it requires a lot of lubrication with the right type of oil as it is connected through a series of metal sprockets to the engine’s crankshaft (which moves the engine’s pistons) and the cam shaft (which moves the engine’s valves).

Over a period of time, the timing chain wears out due mainly to it stretching but it can also fail because of chain tensioners and guides wearing out or breaking. A timing chain is likely to need replacement every 80,000-100,000 miles.


Common issues with timing chains

Timing chain issues are common so it’s important to have a trained technician carry out the necessary checks in line with manufacturer recommendations and as soon as any potential symptoms appear such as:

  • Engine management light coming on
  • Engine turning over but not starting
  • Rattling sounds when the engine is at idling speed
  • Metal shavings in engine oil
  • Engine misfiring


Why is this important?

If the timing chain fails and the engine is running, it is likely that serious (and costly) damage will occur including possible damage to valves, pistons and other components. Often engines are damaged beyond repair and a complete new engine is required.


Top Tip

Have your engine checked regularly by a trained technician who will inspect the chain, guides and tensioners and ensure your engine is using the correct oil. Being pro-active could save hundreds, if not thousands of pounds and ensure a long working life for your engine.

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