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Independent Mercedes specialist, Save Money on your car servicing

Choosing between visiting an Independent specialist and a Dealership should be fairly straightforward, with trends indicating steeper servicing costs for each new vehicle being introduced to the market annually; the savings alone should justify the choice of visiting an independent specialist. However for some people – owning a brand such as Mercedes comes a certain prestige, the requirement of only choosing the absolute best care for your vehicle, under the authority of an approved dealership service station.

The prior is understandable of course, given that out of all three German car manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz has the lowest average servicing costs. This would explain why franchised dealerships are still remaining competitive, despite the upsurge In Independent specialists.

However, Franchised dealerships aren’t the only services providing premium quality for their customers. Perhaps the greatest benefit of visiting an independent specialist, besides from exponential cost savings, is the wealth of experience and knowledge that technicians from some of these institutions actually possess, a fact often overlooked by most Mercedes owners. These technicians were most likely employed by main dealerships in the past and have now chosen to transfer their expertise towards providing a more ethical, easy to understand service for visitors.

The provided service will also be tailored to your requirements, as there is more likely to be a greater sense of community around independent service providers. With the addition of a more personal touch for each customer, this makes the experience of visiting an Independent specialist worthwhile, and there is also likely to be a range of additional services that you won’t find at main dealerships.

Therefore, there has never been a better time to go Independent. As you will be provided with a cheaper service in the long term and a more personal brand experience, all whilst retaining competent technical expertise, you definitely won’t find these at main dealerships.

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