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Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Best Summer Car Ever

Well almost, it is the closest thing that we here in the UK get to a summer, and if the scientists are to be believed, then these washout summers are set fair for the next few years.

Never mind, the actual weather has never actually stopped us plucky Brits from buying soft-tops, indeed we buy on average ten times more convertibles than the Spanish and nearly twice that sold in Italy.  And lets face it those countries tend to have better climes than us.

Which is all good news for the Mercedes-Benz Company, as they look to release an updated version of their flagship vehicle, the SLS AMG Roadster.

The original SLS was upgraded in June 2012, to the SLS AMG GT.  The GT version has an extra 20 BHP from it’s 6.2 litre V8, which helps it reach 60mph in 3.6 seconds instead of the old 3.7 seconds and the same (limited) top speed of 197 MpH.

The new car has 19 inches on the front and 20 inches of rubber on it’s feet, which help deliver all the power on the road and helps you keep the car out of the ditches.

So the question is this, will we here in Britain be buying the upgraded GT version or will we follow the trend and wait for the new Roadster, which will hit us in 2014?

From the images that we have seen on AutoBlog, it seem that the front grille shape has been changed, and it seems that there will be changes to the headlights and tail-lights.

Obviously, we can’t see what has or will be done inside and we will have to wait with baited breathe to see how jaw-dropingly beautiful the final car will be.  But we do know that Mercedes-Benz will be targeting the UK market for the car.

America, specifically the West Coast and Florida are the main markets in the Americas, with the Arab States closely following behind, and then us here in little old Blighty.

So expect a dedicated push from Mercedes-Benz to target us here, as they know that all they have to do is show us a car without a top and we will go all gooey for it.  And lets face it, with a car as pretty as the SLS AMG GT, when they cut the roof of we will definitely go for it.

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