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The New Mercedes-Benz S Class, Review & Specs

Why are we showing you this for a car that will not be available for at least another year?  Because it is a new Mercedes-Benz and in case you missed it we love Mercs here.

But there is a different reason.


I am old enough to remember the days when Top Gear was a television show reviewing cars, and whilst the newest version has less and less reviews in it than it used to, it does not mean that they do not know what they are talking about.

When Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the S-Class in 2005, he said something that all true Mercedes-Benz buffs know, where the S-Class leads the rest of the car world follows.


Traction control, ABS, Pre-tensioning seat-belts, crumple zones, air bags, double glazing, self-closing doors, distronic cruise control.  I could go on but I won’t as it is a very long list.

These and many more where first seen in the Mercedes-Benz S–Class, and now some, if not all, are now standard in most modern cars.

So back to the first question, why are we including the link to the launch?


The new car will be released next year and we think that it looks good.  The new family look has been carried on but with a little tweak here and there, the with a straighter front radiator grille.

The new S-class will be one of the most high-tech cars on the road when it goes on sale next year, highlights some of the new S-class’s advanced features, including its all-LED lighting, inside and out – as standard.

The dashboard has not have clocks in it, instead there seem to two large screens, one for the speedometer, fuel gauge, etc. and the other one for the COMAND system, integrating the sat-nav, radio, car comfort systems, etc.

Another new piece of sophisticated safety equipment to be introduced is Road Surface Scan, a system that uses a camera to detect irregularities in the road ahead and adjusts the suspension accordingly.

You can even use the new car as Wi-Fi Hotspot, allowing you receive emails and surf the web on your laptop or smart-phone.  Something that the geeks in the office are very excited about.


In Europe, prices for the S-Class, we think, will range from €79,799 (about £67,338) for the short-wheelbase S350 to €107,636 (about £90,831) for the long-wheelbase S500. UK prices are yet to be confirmed.

Mercedes says that the car’s development focused on the long-wheelbase version for the first time, due the high proportion of cars that will be sold in this form. In long-wheelbase guise the new S-class is 21mm longer, 29mm wider and 11mm higher than the current model.

So we can’t wait.  As a year is a long time in modern technology terms, so whilst Mercedes-Benz has already showcased what will absolutely be in the new car, we can only speculate what the new S-Class will actually deliver.

In case you missed it, here is the video of the launch of next years S-Class.

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