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Just how transparent is your servicing specialist?

It’s that time again, your vehicle needs to be inspected and resolved of its blemishes and imperfections (a subjective matter, of course). For Mercedes Benz vehicles, this can be a particularly intricate process, and managing a clear understanding of the inner workings of your automobile and associated procedures can be a complicated affair.

Finding the time to pick out the right specialist for your vehicle can be a hassle; you have to consider distance, technical ability of the servicing station, and of course – price. It’s no revelation that official Mercedes garages are charging ludicrous prices, as it only takes a quick Internet search to find a large collection of Benz owners expressing their concerns.

Switching to an independent specialist can save you as much as 50% off the quoted Mercedes price, but how up to date are the quoted rates displayed on their websites? A quick phone call to another specialist revealed plentiful additional costs for parts and VAT, needless to say, the original rate had propelled well beyond expectations.

Not to discredit independent specialists of course, with a constant flow of new models and parts each year, it can be troublesome to manage uncertain servicing rates. However, It does seem that as more consumers take advantage of independent specialist rates, dishonest pricing policies are put in place to gain leverage before presenting customers with a less vibrant final picture.

When selecting your next servicing specialist, it’s always a good idea to gain a better understanding of their facilities and reputation. If time is of the essence, a quick Internet search of customer reviews will be more than sufficient.

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