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Birmingham City Council


Haden Birmingham is proud to provide a diagnostics service for Birmingham City Council’s various commercial serving vehicles. After successfully procuring this contract in May 2014, this on-going partnership has seen Haden provide MOT and supplementary testing for various Minibuses’, Limousine’s and novelty vehicles.

As one of ten approved stations, our comprehensive MOT provision service and supplementary tests has ensured that only the highest standards are met when inspecting vehicles.



BNK construction is based in the Birmingham area and specialises in the contracting of roofing services for public sector organisations such as schools and government buildings. The BNK fleet consists of vans and various commercial vehicles, and must be maintained to the highest standard for the organisations it services.

This partnership has been on going for a year, and Haden has provided MOT’s and a rigorous fleet maintenance system that has been tailored made to meet the specialised requirements of BNK’s various vehicles and operators.

JM Security Systems


As a leading provider of security systems for small to large sized organisations, JM Security Systems relies upon its large range of fleet vehicles to deliver high quality solutions for its clients.

Haden has matched and exceeded the set requirements of JM in the provision of specialised Fleet management and maintenance initiatives for over 10 years.

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