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Bosch, Good Garage Scheme and Motor Codes approved

With a surge of independent servicing garages across the country offering better value for money, consumers now have a greater choice away from the glamour of manufacturer-endorsed stations.

Despite this, there are still a few things to look out for to get the most from an Independent garage. For instance, these garages may seek to capitalise on lower profit margins by charging higher prices for work, and there is always the risk of unjustified delays and the use of unapproved parts. However charging higher prices isn’t always unwarranted.

For specialists catering to more discerning markets whom require a specialised service in particular, paying for the services of manufacturer trained technicians and upkeep of the garage becomes a necessity. This also works the other way around, because after all, paying a premium price should absolutely warrant a premium service.

For times where you feel that you haven’t received the service you were expecting, there are various regulators in place to ensure fair codes of practise are met. Some of these include:

Bosch Garages

Garages operating within this network aim to provide exceptional service at affordable prices, all whilst operating under manufacturer guidelines to keep your warranty valid.

Good Garage Scheme

A garage operating under the good garage scheme essentially keeps your best interests under consideration with every service provided. You are guaranteed the same levels of service at every approved station, without invalidating your warranty.

Motor Codes

As a government endorsed regulatory body with a set of codes of practise, Motor codes seeks to standardise a set of regulations to help consumers make more informed decisions. Membership is voluntary, meaning this could well be a good place to start for any garage seeking to gain credibility quickly.

In essence, a garage’s association with these or similar bodies should give you a clear indication of its pledge towards providing a balanced service. It’s also important to identify your role as a customer when visiting a garage, meaning that you should discuss the specifics of a particular problem (no matter how big or small) with the mechanic to ensure a quick and thorough inspection.

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