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What is DSB (Digital service booklet) and it’s purpose?

The Mercedes Digital service record (also referred to as Digital service booklet/ report) was introduced in 2008 with the E-Class and CLS models, and essentially stores all the vehicles servicing history electronically.

The purpose of the Digital Service report is to ensure proper documentation of your Mercedes-Benz vehicles service history; this is an online feature, which may be accessed through both approved and independent service stations. The core benefit of maintaining an online system such as this is that the hassle of safekeeping physical copies of service records is taken away, and he system is able to resupply these should you ever misplace them.

For vehicles with a higher mileage a digital service book can help keep track of the service items, that have and haven’t been undertaken on the vehicle, Providing the technician with a better understanding of the required work. For customers whom require a stamp in the physical copy of their service report, Haden Birmingham will also supply these.

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